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Building A Stronger You

Together We Will Accept, Own and Crush your Goals


A Bit About Me

Hey there! I'm Kaitlyn Ray, but K-Ray is the name! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach! I am also a Nationally Qualified Body Building Bikini Competitor. I am extremely passionate about fitness and I want to help and guide you into becoming your best self. Fitness is a lifestyle and it sure is one fun journey! Work with me and you will become better!

I offer 1:1 In person and online Training, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching.  

Founder of AOC GYM Located in Monee, IL. You can locate the gym on google maps or contact me for more information!


Accept it. Own it. Crush it.

AOC is a mindset... a mood if you will.

No matter what life brings you. What ever obstacles come at you. 

Whether it’s weight loss, mindset, relationships, work, school, career, finances, family, friends. Literally any type of adversity applies to AOC. 

I live by AOC’s three simple steps.

Accept It - no matter what you come face to face with, it’s there, nothing you can do about it, accepting the issue on hand and doing the best you can to fix it, over coming or simply resolving.

Own it - there it is, at your feet, waiting for you to do something with it. Own it, you can certainly choose to side step, jump over and ignore the problem or  bend down pick it up and make the best of the situation you possibly can. 

Crush it - we all know putting issues off to the side or back burner doesn’t make them go away. Doing your best every damn day, crushing everything that comes at you and making your self better today then yesterday is the ultimate feeling of accomplishment and will push you to the next level YOU! Make yourself proud